Oral Cancer and Pathology Screenings

Monitoring your oral health doen't just mean keeping your teeth free of cavities. One of the most important services that we provide includes oral cancer screenings during patient visits.

Common Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer isn't necessarily painful or easily recognized. In fact, most people will never realize they have oral cancer on their own until it is far too late. Common symptoms of early pathology include:

  • Sores that do not heal within two weeks
  • Tissues that look different on one side of the mouth
  • Lumps or nodules
  • White, red, or speckled patches

If precancerous tissues are noted, we may recommend taking a biopsy to determine the cellular status of the tissue.

We recommend an oral cancer screening every 6 months, as early diagnosis is key to saving lives. Waiting until something is noticeable or painful is unfortunately far too late in the disease process.

Smiles Forever dentists are more than happy to put your mind at ease when it comes to assessing your oral tissues. Schedule your cancer screening today.

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