Dental Exams Keep Your Smile Healthy

To keep your smile healthy and free of disease, it's important to have a dental exam performed on a regular basis.
We offer two different types of exams:

Periodic Dental Exams

Every 6 months at your preventive care appointment, one of our dentists will also complete a periodic exam to monitor any changes or developments since your last visit.

Thanks to constant monitoring and evaluation by Smiles Forever dentists, our patients can address oral health needs when they are smaller and simpler to treat. These exams limit the cost of dental treatment later on and are an important part of our preventive care program.

Comprehensive, New Patient Exams

All new patients (and every 3-5 years for existing patients) will receive a comprehensive oral evaluation. This exam assesses all aspects of the smile, including:

  • A periodontal screening for gum disease
  • Oral cancer exam
  • Occlusal evaluation
  • Assessment for tooth decay or enamel abnormalities
  • Evaluation of the jaws, TMJ and sinuses
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