A filling is a restoration that repairs teeth that have small cavities or damage that interferes with the comfort, form and function. In most cases, we recommend tooth-colored composite fillings. These types of fillings are:

  • Matched to your natural shade of enamel
  • Minimally invasive
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Contain tooth-strengthening minerals
  • More aesthetic, allowing them to be used anywhere throughout the mouth

In some cases it may be necessary to use an amalgam (silver) filling. One of our dentists will discuss your treatment options with you, allowing you to be actively involved in your treatment planning process.

Your Filling Appointment

During your filling appointment, the area around your tooth will be numbed to prevent any discomfort. The dentist will then remove the decayed portion of your enamel and prepare the newly exposed tooth surfaces for the filling to be bonded into place. As the material is applied to the tooth, it is shaped to recreate natural tooth structure and hardens into a permanent restoration.

A brief exam and x-ray is all you need to find out if you need a filling.

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