Digital X-Rays

Dental radiographs have long played an essential role in the screening and treatment of oral diseases. Taking x-rays on an annual basis allows our dentists to examine areas of the mouth that cannot be seen during an exam. Some of the things we look for on x-rays include:

  • Bone loss
  • Cavities between the teeth
  • Impactions
  • Missing teeth
  • Eruption patterns
  • Tumors, cysts, or bone anomalies

Lower Radiation, Better Diagnostics

Although dental x-rays have always used an extremely low amount of radiation, digital x-rays use far less. Their enhanced imaging capabilities make it easier to share findings with our patients, communicate care needs and co-plan treatment. Each x-ray is seen on an in-room monitor for us to discuss with our patients and make the treatment planning process easier.

We typically provide 3 different types of x-rays


For a full view of your jaws, wisdom teeth, sinuses and TMJ.


Taken once a year to screen for bone loss and cavities between the teeth.

Periapical (PA)

To analyze the full root of a tooth and the immediate surrounding areas.

Which type of restoration is ideal for you?

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